Hotel Poza Rica Centro

Hotel Poza Rica Veracruz

Av. 2 Norte y 10 Oriente, Col. Obrera, Poza Rica de Hidalgo, Veracruz

Christ the Redeemer in Tihuatlán

Cristo Redentor en Tihuatlán

A monumental sculpture, from Mexico that represents Christ located 22 kilometers from Poza Rica in Tihuatlán, called the city of sculptures, for having several of them. It is the third tallest sculpture in Mexico and is 1.5 meters taller than Christ the Redeemer in Brazil. The author of the design, direction and execution of the […]

Tajin Archaeological Zone

Zona Arqueológica el Tajín

In the municipality of Papantla, Veracruz, Mexico and only 15 minutes from Poza Rica, is the Tajin Archaeological Zone. Of Totonaca origin, it is a Pre-Columbian zone, believed to have reached its peak between 800 and 1150 AD. It is believed that El Tajin was the capital of the Totonaca empire in the transition to […]

Meet the Pipian


Pipian, which originated in pre-Hispanic times, is a sauce made with roasted and ground pumpkin seeds, and can be mixed with different chiles to make it green or red. Also known as “mole de pipian”, it is used to marinate meats, chicken, but in Veracruz it is most famous for being used as a sauce […]